About Qarooni

Experienced Lawyers, Modern and Innovative Approaches, Since 1965.

Who We Are

Our Firm was established under the name of A. Ghani Qarooni & Associates back in September of 1965, marking it as one of the first licensed Law Firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and in the year 2020, it was converted into a Partnership Company under the name of Qarooni & Partners.

Since its establishment, the Firm has maintained its position as one of the leading Law Firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain with over 55 years of dedication to the Bahraini Legal System and its Clients. This legacy is a product of teamwork. Our success is grounded in our devotion to delivering high-quality service and developing long-term client relationship. Our approach to service begins by understanding our client’s goals; we then work to develop the necessary resources to help achieve them. We have a longstanding commitment to the welfare of our clients and our implementation of innovative approaches to the challenges of the complexity and ongoing changes the law presents have always been the key behind our success.

Over the years, we have been working very closely with our clients, advising, and providing them with full range of services that targets all aspects of their legal operation. Our extended experience in prosecuting all kinds of lawsuits before all types and levels of the Bahraini courts has also added to the quality of the services we provide. Such experience has strengthened our knowledge of the local laws, regulations, and norms by which the market is controlled, and our accumulated experience has constantly enabled us to provide our clients with effective and efficient responses to their urgent questions and inquiries which we understand is a vital issue in helping them make their urgent daily decisions.

Moreover, we have been recognized by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry as one of its registered Professional Bodies who are permitted to undertake the process of establishing and incorporating businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain, allowing us to widen our working scope through assisting existing and potential investors in the Kingdom of Bahrain to startup, run and maintain their business entities.


At Qarooni & Partners we are committed to delivering premier corporate legal services that are customized to accommodate our clients’ individual needs. By offering creative and effective solutions, we empower our clients to make the most informative business decisions. We diligently work to maintain a positive, healthy, and safe environment for both our clients and employees.


We strive to be the standard for excellence in the field of Corporate Law.