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Joined the Firm in 1993 at age 21 while he was still a student at the Law School of Beirut Arab University from which he graduated in 1996. With over 27 years of experience, he is currently the Senior Partner. His experience extends to Litigation, Banking, Insurance, Corporate, and Maritime Law. He is specialized in drafting all sorts of bilingual corporate contracts and agreements and has been a vital player in assisting our clients in finding practical solutions to the corporate challenges they face as a result of the constant changes in the applicable laws. He is also keen on maintaining knowledge of all the legal principles passed by the Cassation and the Constitutional Courts as well as the development’s changes and issuance of all existing and new Laws.

Loay A.Ghani Qarooni

Senior Partner, Attorney at the Court of Cassation and Legal Advisor


Mahmood Mahdi Alawi

Partner, Attorney at the Court of Cassation, Legal Advisor and Private Notary


Mahmood graduated from Bahrain University in 2004 and immediately joined the Firm and became Partner in 2010. Mahmood has over 16 years of experience in various legal areas specifically Banking and Finance as well as Labor and Commercial Law. He worked extensively on matters and consultation concerning banking documents, CBB regulations, Bahrain Bourse regulations, insurance related matters as well as newly issued laws such as the Personal Data Protection Law, Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law as well as the Electronic Transaction Law. Alongside his legal expertise, Mahmood also provides private notary services.

Hala graduated from Bahrain University in 2004 and joined the Firm right around her final year where she was immediately seconded to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority for a full year following its establishment. She is currently the Managing Partner at Qarooni & Partners and is heading the Firm’s “Company Formation Department” where she assists Clients with the establishment and management of their Business in Bahrain. Her experience with the constant changes and developments of the Commercial and Companies Laws has helped maintain our Clients’ compliance with these laws keeping them up to date with their legal obligations. Hala is also experienced in the fields of Labor and Banking and Finance related Laws and handles many related projects.

Hala A.Ghani Qarooni

Managing Partner, Attorney and Legal Advisor


Ameera Al Eskafi

Attorney & Legal Advisor


Started her career in 2004 working as a secretary for a Law firm, which pushed her to complete her Law studies. In 2007, she joined the Beirut University to then graduate in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree from the school of Law and joined Qarooni & Partners in 2013. Ameera is very experienced in the fields of Insurance sector, as she is responsible for some of our main Clients in the field. She is now fully licenses to stand before all levels of the Bahraini Courts including the Courts of Cassation.

She holds bachelor’s degree In Law from Applied Science University (Kingdom of Bahrain). She joined Qarooni & Partners in 2015 and has accumulated great experience in the fields of banking and company’s law. Drafting contracts and prosecuting cases before the various levels of the courts is among some of her major responsibilities. Huda is also in charge of some of the main longstanding Clients in the Firm and is growing in many other fields as well.

Huda Sayed Jalil

Attorney & Legal Advisor


Maryam Nabeel

Attorney & Legal Advisor


Maryam graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law from the College of Law at Kingdom University, Bahrain in June of 2018. She started her career with Qarooni & Partners in November 2018. Maryam has experience in managing a number of the Firm’s Clients, including providing consultations and other legal services. Among her many other responsibilities is prosecuting lawsuits before the various Courts in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as handling other Banking and Commercial Projects.

Nooh is a honors roll law student at the University of Salford – Manchester UK and is currently training at Qarooni & Partners. Nooh is multi-talented with excellent standards in English literature, team building, problem solving, and analytical skills. He is also working towards specializing in international law.

Nooh Qarooni

Legal Intern & CSR Officer


Maryam Yahya

Legal Administrative Officer


Maryam holds a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Bahrain. She joined the Firm in January of 2021 as a Legal Administrative Officer and is responsible for all the administrative and accounting tasks as well as the smooth flow of business in the Firm.