Areas of Practice

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Our team has sufficient experience and knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations and are well equipped to provide assistance in arbitration cases.

Banking & Finance

We are considered as one of the leading law firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain to specialize in matters related to banking and finance and are as a result of such in constant contact with the top leading banks in the country. Among our services is the drafting of agreements, reviewing of legal documents as well as the provision of consultations and advice in various banking related matters.

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Since the publication of the Bankruptcy and Reorganization Law of 2018, we have engaged with the regulators in the interpretation and the application of the provisions of the Law. We have also worked closely on some of the highest profile case of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Civil Law

We provide aid to our clients who seek legal assistance in matters relating to the Civil Law.

Construction & Engineering

We provide legal assistance to our clients who seek to enter into agreements related to construction and engineering. We also have experience with relation to lawsuit arising as a result of such.

Corporate Services

We provide legal advice and assistance with regards to corporate compliances concerning companies law, corporate governance, CBB Regulations and BHB Listing Rules.

Employment & Labor Disputes

We provide assistance and representation to our clients in all aspects concerning their employment regulations, labor disputes as well as employment agreements.

Insurance & Reinsurance

Over the course of decades, we have obtained a great deal of experience in matters related to the insurance and reinsurance filed.

Intellectual Property

We provide legal assistance to our Clients who seek to register their intellectual rights in the Kingdom of Bahrain and/or abroad.

Internet, Media & Telecom Technology

We provide legal assistance in areas related to the telecommunication and media sector.

Joint Venture

We provide legal assistance to our Clients who seek to establish and maintain their Joint Ventures in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


We offer our Client the necessary legal representation in court and/or any other form of legal tribunal.

Merger & Acquisitions

We provide legal assistance in the Merger and Acquisition process by providing our Clients with the necessary advice concerning the drafting, negotiation, and performance of contracts for the sale of portions of the business…etc.

Lease & Equipment Finance

We can provide corporate governance, helping clients manage the responsibilities of running a corporation in financial field.

Private Notary Services

We provide private notary services to all our private and corporate Clients.

Real Estate

We experienced in the Real Estate Development Law, and We provide various legal service in filed including but not limited to drafting Owners Association memorandums and articles of association, registration of the Owners Association with the designated Authorities, assisting in preparing Owners Association meeting and related documents, as well as assisting our Clients who to undertake property transactions such as buying, selling, mortgaging…etc.


We provide assistance to Clients who seek advice with regards to matters related to the Law of Commerce including such related to commercial agreements and transactions.

Company Formation

We specialize in aiding our Clients in setting up and maintaining their businesses in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Some of the services provided in this field includes the drafting of such company’s legal documents, assisting in the calling of and conducting of the General Assembly and/or Board of Directors’ meetings as well as assisting them with all the legal documents associated with such….etc.