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Initial Consultation (Fixed Fee of BD 30/-):

Includes consultation regarding general questions on the applicable Laws or specific questions relating to certain aspect of a document or agreement, provided that such documents or agreements do not exceed 4 pages. Note that this consultation shall not include any amendments, redrafting or rephrasing any of the documents in question.

Detailed Consultation (Fees to be determined* based on the nature of the consultation):

Includes detailed consultation regarding the applicable Laws, documents or agreements presented by the client (there is no limit to the number of pages in this category), and may include the amendments, redrafting or rephrasing of the document in question.

Contract/Agreement Drafting (Fees to be determined* based on the nature
and size of the Contract/Agreement):

Includes drafting of the Contract/Agreement upon the client’s request, and includes all the amendments and changes until the final draft is approved.

Online Consultation via Skype (Fixed Fee of BD 30/-):

This service allows the client to meet with the Attorney via Skype for 30 minutes, to obtain this service please provide us with the email address registered with Skype in addition to the time you wish to set an appointment with the attorney in the Consultation box below (time for meetings ends at 3 p.m.).

Fees that are to be determined*:

The client will be notified with the consultation fees via e-mail before we commence with the job/task assigned for the client’s approval and payment. Consultation will only be commenced once the full consultation fee is settled by the Client.

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Upload file up to 4MB in size.
Upload file up to 4MB in size.
Upload file up to 4MB in size.