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Our Guidance is Your Security

Welcome to A.Ghani Qarooni & Associates, a distinguished Law Firm in The Kingdom of Bahrain known for the depth and scope of its legal advisory services through decades of devotion to the Bahraini legal system and its clients. Since its establishment in 1965, the Firm has maintained a significant level of professionalism by integrating its resources to provide sound, effective, practical and pragmatic – not merely academic- solutions that meets the challenges of the complexity and ongoing changes the Law presents in a manner that enables our clients to gain enduring advantages in improving their corporate and personal undertakings.

Consultation Packages for Small & Medium Companies                                                                 عربي

We at A.Ghani Qarooni & Associates realize and understand the importance of providing the appropriate legal assistance to small and medium companies which we believe to be the strongest element in guarantying the success and continuation of any business facing the many firs challenges the market continuously presents.  Accordingly, we hereby present you with the opportunity to make use of our products and services that have been custom designed to meet your legal requirements as a small and medium company in order to protect you from the surprises that my lay in your commercial documents as well as protect you from stumbling upon any legal obstacles that might come along your way. For that we hereby present the following consultation packages through which you can ask all the questions and receive all the advice you need to further develop and strengthen your business.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The duration of the Professional Legal Service Packages shall be for a term of one year commencing on the date of the signing of the “Engagement Agreement”.
  2. 50% of the fees shall be payable in advance upon the signing of the above mentioned agreement.
  3. Upon the laps of the Service duration, the first 50% of the hours of service shall immediately expire whether used or not, while the remaining unused hours of service shall remain valid for a period not exceeding 1 year from the date of expiry at the same rate.
  4. The discounts on lawsuits as provided for above shall only be applicable for the lawsuits filed within the duration of the Professional Legal Service Package.
  5. All consultation requests must be communicated via e-mail to consultations@qaroonilaw.com
  6. Responses to your inquiries shall be made within two working days from the date of receiving such inquiries.